Our executive officers attended a corporate governance training with Volkova Law Group. They explained to us how our bylaws work with real-life examples. They also gave us helpful tips on fundraising and bookkeeping for our growing organization. Volkova Law Group are extremely professional and very knowledgeable in non-profit law.”

Sonam Ukyab,
Grassroot Movement in Nepal

After screening multiple attorneys, Elena’s expeditious and efficient style made not only an impression but enabled us to get our Estate Planning matters in order in less than a month for a competitive fee. We were grateful and value our peace of mind now.”

A couple from the Upper East Side

Elena is a business lawyer who generates solutions and brings clarity to complex problems. She analyzes the situation from various angles and distills it to the most essential elements. She then offers a list of priorities to address, potential solutions and follows through on implementation. She takes keen interest in the business of her clients and strives to understand the pressure points and how to alleviate them.

We originally came to Elena to discuss a contract negotiation with a partner that was somewhat unresponsive to our needs. We showed the draft of the agreement to Elena, discussed our issues, and gradually, after talking to her, it became clear that the relationship with the partner needed to be re-balanced to ensure that our interests were being protected. And speaking of protecting our interests, Elena talked us into developing stronger and tighter agreements with our clients and insisting that we use our own form in negotiations. We have implemented this approach and were rewarded with some of the best client relationship.

The structure of our agreement allowed for the client to commission additional project fairly seamlessly, using the infrastructure of our upfront negotiations. We believe that the strength of the agreement put us in a favorable light for the client and instilled confidence in our ability to deliver quality and on time.”

Pamela J. Roach,
CEO of Breakthrough Marketing Technology LLC,

Elena really knows her stuff. Brilliant, sharp, experienced and compassionately motivated to help you understand how to be BEST protected in your business.

Don’t hesitate one minute to hire this powerhouse lawyer!”

Erica Loren,
Principal at Coaching2Greatness.org

Before I had my contracts drafted, I felt like a doormat, always trying to accommodate my client’s demands. Now, I know my rights. I have clear boundaries, and I get paid on time.”

A designer in Manhattan

Thank you for so generously giving your time and expertise to help me successfully navigate a potential legal quagmire. Your insights, pragmatism, and professionalism were exactly the assistance I need. Rest assured that I will gladly recommend, and use, your professional services when the situation arises.”

A bookkeeper in Manhattan

You really saved me all kinds of future hazards.”

A marketing executive in NY

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