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Business Succession Plan: Are You Ready?

Volkova Law Group PLLC on May 7, 2013

If you are a business owner, do you ever wake up in the morning and ask yourself: who will run my business if I am not around? I know I do. And it turns out many other business owners do, too. On April 10, 2013, we conducted a workshop at In Good Company on this very question. We spent two hours analyzing the “what if” scenarios and concluded by outlining succession plans for the participants. Here is a short checklist of what you can do to start planning and give yourself some peace of mind: 1. Gather your corporate documents Read More…

How to Protect Your Digital Assets for Your Heirs

Volkova Law Group PLLC on April 20, 2013

A sign of our times is that most of us keep important documents, including copies of signed agreements, bank statements, electronic books, music, family videos and photos, on the hard drives of our computers and on the drives of various internet service providers (the “cloud”). To access these digital assets, you need to have a username and password. Not a problem, usually, if you are alive and well. But if you are not around to share the username and password, how will your family and heirs get to your property? The solution is fairly simple: First, you need to figure Read More…

IRS Takes a Closer Look at Tax-Exempt “Parent” Organizations Who Have “Subordinate” Organizations

Sasha Herzig on January 16, 2013

As tax season approaches, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is taking a more stringent look at “parent” tax-exempt organizations that have “subordinate” organizations. A “parent” organization, also referred to sometimes as a “central” organization, is a tax-exempt organization that has one or more subordinate organizations. The subordinate organization gains tax-exempt status through a “group ruling” and therefore does not have to file separately with the IRS to obtain tax-exempt status. The group ruling requires the subordinate organization to adhere to the same rules and procedures as the parent organization. To maintain a group exemption, the parent organization must file an Read More…

Brighton Ballet Theater

Volkova Law Group PLLC on December 31, 2012

On November 27, 2011, one of our clients, Brighton Ballet Theater Co., Inc., was featured in the New York Times for its pioneering work in the teaching of the Vaganova ballet method. We work with the Brighton Ballet Theater to structure their collaboration with other non-profits. We also advise them on complying with IRS and New York State rules and regulations. var hupso_services_t=new Array(“Twitter”,”Facebook”,”Google Plus”,”Linkedin”,”Email”);var hupso_background_t=”#EAF4FF”;var hupso_border_t=”#66CCFF”;var hupso_toolbar_size_t=”medium”;var hupso_image_folder_url = “”;var hupso_url_t=””;var hupso_title_t=”Brighton Ballet Theater”;

Health Care Law in Practice

Volkova Law Group PLLC on December 31, 2012

Volkova Law Group PLLC and Health Care Rights Initiative invite you to a free seminar on Health Care Law in Practice. The seminar will focus on the federal health care law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and will provide information for small and mid-size community-based medical providers on the “nuts and bolts” of ACA. Topics include updates on: Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement; electronic billing and HIPAA compliance; and the timeline for ACA implementation. The seminar is free but advance registration is requested. Please click here for dates and registration information. var hupso_services_t=new Array(“Twitter”,”Facebook”,”Google Plus”,”Linkedin”,”Email”);var hupso_background_t=”#EAF4FF”;var Read More…

The Business of Choreography and Choreographing Copyright – The Relationship between Copyright and Dance

Tyler Jaramillo on July 25, 2012

Copyright is a powerful tool for protecting works of art. As an art form, choreographed dance and movement often goes unprotected. Copyright protection is overlooked in the world of choreography, largely because there is a custom of sharing movement. Sharing choreography allows new styles to develop. Choreography continues to go unprotected because of the belief that copyright would limit the custom of sharing thereby undermining the art form itself. This tension reflects the tension between supporting ownership and public access that is inherent in any copyright discussion. Copyright is particularly well suited for choreography for the following reasons: copyright supports Read More…

Choreographing Copyright – The Art of Protecting Dance and Fitness Works

Tyler Jaramillo on July 25, 2012

Ownership of a choreographic work is established upon creation, but a work is not protected from use by others unless it is published and registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. In the world of dance and fitness, the relationship between choreographer and the institution she works for can be unclear. This lack of definition can affect ownership of the dance pieces or movement sequences created by the choreographer. Clarifying ownership is one of the reasons copyright registration is vital to this industry. Registration is important because it provides a public record of the copyright claim to ownership. In addition to Read More…

Advice to Young Families on Estate Planning

Volkova Law Group PLLC on July 1, 2012

The idea of drafting a personal will can be incredibly uncomfortable. The reluctance people feel when it comes to creating and signing a will is a very natural and human fear, especially for young families who do not want to confront the subject of mortality so early on in their lives. We, at Volkova Law Group PLLC, understand this fear and strive to guide young families through the will-drafting and estate-planning processes with sensitivity and care. Even if it is difficult to begin drafting a will, there cannot be enough emphasis placed upon the importance of having properly drafted wills, Read More…

Charities Across Borders, Part One – Soliciting Across the U.S.A.: Multi-State Filing

Volkova Law Group PLLC on June 6, 2012

We often hear how the Internet has changed everything. And it has, especially for non–profit organizations who get donations from supporters throughout the U.S. and abroad via online outreach. Today’s world offers non-profit organizations a multitude of ways to reach new donors and thank goodness for that, considering other sources of funding have dried up in recent years. A few notes of caution for those lucky orgs: First, when receiving donations from supporters across the U.S. states, the non-profit needs to make sure it is in compliance with charity registration requirements in the states from which it receives donations. Otherwise, Read More…

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